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The Rise of RIBS (Rigid Inflatable Boats) Share

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In Europe, island hopping, spending relaxing days on the water or jaunting from place to place while enjoying the sun are all common activities boat owners enjoy on Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBS) —sometimes called Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBS).However, boaters in the U.S. have traditionally regarded RIBS as a lowly second cousin — a utility work boat often used as a rescue or lifeboat, or to get ashore from a moored sailboat or yacht. Often they’ve been relegated as a boat for kids to begin learning some basic boating skills. In recent years, this perception has begun to shift, with what some are calling “the rise of RIBS”.

Advantages of RIBS

Whether dropping anchor, going for a swim or docking easily at a restaurant, the stability, safety and diversity offered by an “inflatable collar” around a rigid hull seems a natural way to boat.

As yacht tenders, RIBS are light and easy to load off and onto a larger yacht’s swim platform or garage, and are stable enough to carry passengers and luggage to the yacht.

They are ideal vessels to carry guests off on snorkeling, diving or exploring adventures.

Despite the advantages of RIBS as tenders, the rapid advancement of technology and shipbuilding has resulted in larger, more sophisticated yachts increasingly moving towards center consoles as a viable choice for tenders.

Seeing that as an opportunity, many RIB builders have become cognizant of a potential growing market beyond yacht tenders into the recreational market. They see this is a chance to become the “SUV of the sea”, offering a wide variety of RIBS for sale geared towards different boating styles.Lower weight, more fuel efficiency, easier operation and most of all, stability and safety for a variety of uses, are priorities, but now aesthetic design, a wide range of colors and combination of fiberglass bottoms and Hypalon tubes creates a new generation of RIB.

Today’s RIB are built to be designer accessories to a yacht as well as adventure vessels. Hopping from sandbars to islands, going fishing, diving or snorkeling have become easier and more stylish. And depending on choice of outboard, diesel inboard or jet power, we can get there with friends, family or guests in record time!


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