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2024 MerVista RIB Boats 390 Share

Discover our top-quality sporty RIB BOAT 390.This 3.9 metre boat offers stable performance on the water and a maximum of 50 hp. The comfortable diamond stitched seats are a customer favourite and there is plenty of storage space underneath the seats so you can easily carry what you need. The deck is made of high quality EVA foam, which complements the white tubing shell and is more durable than PVC tubing shells, keeping you safe and comfortable on the water. There is also a 30 litre fuel tank under the front seat and seat, navigation lights and hooks on both sides of the hull to ensure that you can securely fasten the boat when moored. Overall, this Rib Boat 390 not only offers superior performance and comfort, but also provides you with a safe and reliable experience on the water!

china rib boat 3.9m


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