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The king of luxury RIB Boats 960 Share

luxury 9.6m <a href=https://www.mervistamarine.com/ target='_blank'>RIB BOAT</a>

MerVista boats are well known, and this year's new RIB960 is the king of luxury fiberglass boats.

The RIB960 is 9.6 meters long, 2.2 meters wide, with a deep V-shaped bottom and French ORCA carbon fiber tubes. Fast speed at sea, smooth ride, can press out perfect water splash.

Hand sink, refrigerator, kitchen equipment, shower equipment, bed, awning, launching ladder, floor, electric anchor, toilet, gas stove, etc. You can think of all boat configurations.
Go on a vacation at sea with your family, sail the MerVista RIBs, fish, dive and enjoy a relaxing day on board!

Go partying with your friends, sail the RIB boat 960, enjoy a fun day on board!

Go on a date with your lover, drive the rigid inflatable boat 960 and enjoy a romantic day on board!


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