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Discover the RIB-760C: The Ultimate Fiberglass Rib Boat Share

Looking for a reliable, high-performance RIB BOAT? the RIB-760C is the perfect choice. This new model combines the rugged stability of its predecessor while offering a host of enhanced features. From a deeper, sharper V-bottom to improved displacement, the RIB-760C delivers outstanding speed and performance. Read on to find out what sets this fibreglass rib boat apart.

The RIB-760C is constructed of 1.2mm PVC for superior strength. A 530 mm diameter PVC inflatable tube complements its sturdy construction, adding safety by preventing capsizing or capsizing even in rough waters. In addition, the boat's reinforced fibreglass stern and PVC cushions ensure maximum comfort and longevity. Accommodating up to 16 people, it is perfect for both leisure activities and professional use. Powered by a 260 hp engine, it glides effortlessly through the water for a thrilling experience and smooth sailing. With a maximum load capacity of 1530KGS, it ensures stability and optimum performance even under heavy loads or challenging conditions. The boat is equipped with inflatable buoyant tyres around the perimeter, which greatly reduces the risk of capsizing and gives you peace of mind in turbulent conditions. In addition, its excellent crash impact absorption properties and lateral buoyancy tyres ensure excellent stability, reducing the possibility of sideways tipping even in heavy loads and rough waters.

The RIB-760C's inflatable keel improves control and manoeuvrability for easy manoeuvring and precise navigation. Its well-designed V-shaped bottom reduces power loss and is ideal for mounting electric motors. Reinforcements on the bottom of the boat feature enhanced bonding thickness to ensure resistance to scratches, tears and aging, further adding to its superior durability and longevity.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the choice of materials. We use imported PVC fabrics and Hypalon materials, which are known for their extremely high resistance to aging. Superb craftsmanship and rigorous production processes ensure that our products meet international industry standards and are CE safety certified by the European Union. This spirit of excellence has won the trust and praise of customers worldwide.

Its durable construction, innovative design and superior manoeuvrability make it the perfect choice for water enthusiasts, professionals and adventurers. Why travel near or far when you can experience the ultimate rib boat experience with the RIB-760C? Explore a world of endless possibilities today and start your next adventure in confidence and style.

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