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New Deluxe RIB Boat 860 Share

New Deluxe RIB BOAT 860

Looking for a high quality luxury rib boat? Choose MerVista, the premium seller in the boat segment. A stunning boat model has been added today.

The luxurious Sport RIB 860 not only has an acclaimed hull form, but also a stunningly stylish exterior with a smooth glaze, a perfectly curved bottom shell, and straight air cylinder seams. Including numerous luxury features, there is plenty of seating for family and friends. Convenient shower facilities and a spacious entertainment area provide a smooth ride and a comfortable watersports platform for family outings.

The hull styling is very innovative, functional and comfortable. It allows you to have a great time on the sea, but also provides a spacious living space when anchored.

This RIB860 is beautifully finished on the outside, and the diamond interior is even more beautiful. The boat has tons of standard features including teak flooring, platform ladder, T-Top refrigerator table and shower kit, as well as practical features such as on-board davit points, towing eyes, and newer optional roll bars.

This luxury Sport RIB860, will be the perfect choice for a great day on the water.

If you are interested in this boat, please contact us. Thanks for reading!

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