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Discover the Superior Features of the RIB Boat: The Ultimate Choice for Water Enthusiasts Share

Advantages of Fiberglass boats

1. Light weight and high strength, with greater potential for reducing structural weight, especially suitable for weight-restricted high-performance ships and racing boats.

2. Corrosion resistance, resistance to marine life attachment, more suitable for use in the marine environment than traditional shipbuilding materials.

3. Good dielectricity and microwave penetration, suitable for military ships

4. Can absorb high energy, good impact toughness, the ship is not easy to be damaged by general collision and extrusion.

5. Low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation.

6. The surface of the hull can be mirror smooth, colourful, especially for the construction of complex structure, diverse styles, exquisite appearance of the yacht.

7. Good designability, according to the different requirements of each part of the ship structure, through the selection of materials, pavement research and structural selection to achieve optimal design.

8. Good integrity, the whole hull can be achieved without seams and gaps.

9. The hull is easy to form, saving labour compared with steel and wooden ships, and the mass production is particularly good, with great potential to reduce the cost.

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