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The main classification of FRP boats Share

The main classification of FRP boats

FRP is a new type of composite material developed abroad in the early 20th century, which has many advantages such as light weight, corrosion resistance, and can be moulded as a whole, which is very suitable for the construction of ships, and thus when developing FRP products, boats are often taken as the first choice of target.

According to the use of points, glass fibre reinforced plastic boats mainly have the following categories: (1) for recreational boats, park water and water tourism attractions. Smaller ones are hand rowing boats, pedal boats, battery boats, bumper boats, etc.; ships for many tourists to visit collectively, or high-grade home yachts. (2) speedboats, for water patrol duty (3) lifeboats. For river and sea navigation of large and medium-sized transport platform must be equipped with life-saving equipment. (4) fishery boats, used for fishing, breeding and transport. (5) Military boats. Used for military purposes, such as minesweeper, it is very suitable for non-magnetic fibreglass construction. (6) Sports boat. Used for sports and sports competitions windsurfing, rowing, dragon boat and so on.

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