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New Product - Rigid Inflatable 480 Share

A RIB is a type of boat between the commonly used boats and rubber boats. 
Smaller RIB BOATs have airbags made of PVC material and are suitable for leisure and traveling.
    RIB-480(new model) fiberglass bottom inflatable boat not only combines all the advantages of the old model, such as strong and smooth, but also features a deeper and sharper V-shape bottom, which makes the boat more effective in dividing the water and traveling faster.

   It's a RIB boat with an overall premium feel, with a classic color scheme, clean smooth lines, subtle detailing, perfect features, and runs at 85HP at sea.The interior of this 16ft aluminum RIB is equipped with awning, teak floor, sound system, shower system, stainless steel ladder, LED lights and so on.

rib 480

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Whatsapp: +86 15618076237

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