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        RIB boats, also known as Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs), are versatile and durable vessels that are popular in the yachting community. They are known for their excellent performance, stability and safety features.

        Fibreglass rubber dinghies are available from 2.7m to 9.6m. Fibreglass bottom rubber dinghies consist of a fibreglass bottom shell and an inflatable pontoon. Hull designs include V-shaped hulls, deep V-shaped hulls and cathedral-shaped hulls. Each design offers unique advantages for different uses of the yacht. During the configuration process, factors such as cruising conditions, type of water and required speed should be taken into account to select the hull design that best suits your needs. The deck is open and flat, the cylinders are made of PVC or HYPALON, and it is possible to install an operator's desk and a seat with outboard. This is a very economical and practical flats boat. It can be used for fishing, entertainment, recreation, rescue and more. 

       It is the perfect choice to start your adventure.


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