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What material of rubber boat to choose for sea fishing for 1-3 people? Share

How to choose a dinghy for sea fishing for 1-3 people?

First of all, there are two types of materials for rubber dinghies, namely Hypalon and pvc.

Hypalon material rubber boat
Hypalon material is wear-resistant, heat-resistant, good airtightness, high strength, light weight safety and stability; but the production process is cumbersome and the manufacturing cost is relatively high.
PVC material dinghy
PVC material dinghy cost is low, there are a variety of colors to choose from, sunscreen, wear-resistant, safe and stable, relatively inexpensive, but there is a risk of scratching, the service life is relatively short!

A boat of about 3.9 meters is suitable and spacious for 1-3 people fishing. If you consider the price/performance ratio, we recommend you to choose the RIB 390 in the picture.

All our PVC pipes are available with machine heat welded seams and hand seams, cylinder seams are straight and all Hypalon pipes have internal and external reinforcing seams. With a five year warranty, quality is fully guaranteed and customer feedback has been excellent.
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