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Discover the RIB range, our new Bravo Sport RIB alu tenders, equipped with an aluminum hull offering an exceptional sailing experience on this type of size!

Aluminium is the best material for boats. Aluminium is more durable than fibreglass and will not deteriorate or weaken from exposure to sunlight as fibreglass boats do, helping to prolong their life. Aluminium RIBs offer all these advantages while being lighter in weight than equivalent fibreglass boats. As a result, they have a higher cruising speed and lower fuel consumption for the same power. Aluminium boats are super fast and perfect, with a 30 hp Yamaha outboard and a deep V-keel, they are super fast and can present a fantastic performance at sea.

Aluminium hulls are subject to electrolytic corrosion if stainless steel components come into direct contact with aluminium. For example, the use of stainless steel rod holders should be avoided.The MerVista RIB series is rigorously assembled to very precise specifications. The inflatable boats are packed in tough cardboard boxes, secured with straps and shipped in containers to your home in perfect condition!

With our own design team at the factory, we offer a bespoke service where you can customise your MerVista RIB BOATs to suit your needs from a range of in-house designs and materials that include flooring materials, decorative panels, steps, tables and even fridges!

Thank you for your interest in our range of aluminium rigid inflatable boats., if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, our professional team will answer your questions and help you choose the most suitable boat for you!



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