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MerVista is back with a new RIB series! Share

Explore the MerVista RIB Series~

MerVista Boats is a global leader in advanced marine solutions for rigid inflatables. We bring concepts to life and provide solutions for your most complex needs. We are European CE certified, NMMA and ABYC certified.

This RIB yacht is designed to be your best choice, our RIB is made from the most durable material available, Hypalon. Hypalon's weather-resistant, high-quality tubing makes this boat ideal for cost-conscious owners who can store their boat out of the elements. Its extra deep V-shape construction, wide chassis and large diameter tubes make it highly manoeuvrable, safe and soft and dry even in the harshest conditions. All of our PVC tubes are available with machine heat-welded seams and hand-stitched seams, and all Hypalon tubes have internal and external reinforcement seams.

This boat can carry a large amount of cargo and can be flown quickly and easily with less horsepower. It can be configured with different seating and console options. Optional twin engines and extra air chambers are available to provide extra protection for you and your family during the harsh winter months. When safety, ruggedness and reliability really matter, the MerVista has almost everything you need.


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